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Taking a quick glance over my 'About Me' page, I realised I have never elaborated my loves and my hates. SO here goes, an elaborated version of my loves. 

Both the playing and the listening. I have been musical since year 3 when wee reached the age to start recorder club at school. I progressed to the treble recorder, joined choir then started learning the clarinet by Year 5. I had the same clarinet teacher right up until I left sixth form, so he saw it all. The toddler tantrums, the tomboy stage, the 'I don't care' stage, the exams, the boyfriend, the leaving home. At uni I kept playing in band and was on the Music Society committee for 2 years aswell as starting the Ukulele and Choir. So music has been with me for a long time. I have made some of my best friends, been to some fab places and have of course developed a bit of a skill!

The Sea
I've always lived close to the sea, and never really ralised how much I missed it until I moved to a University inland. While at uni, I did a lot of nautically stuff and a lot of work on ships, which made a fundamental part of my uni experience. Again my best friends come from that experience and I went to some fab places; Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands.

In fact, due to this being a scheduled post, tomorrow I will be (hopefully, if all on my travels is going to plan) be departing a hut in the middle of the Jungle for this beaut of a place. Koh Tao. Please don't hate me! 


There is nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch, and handmade stuff makes the nicest gifts. I stopped crafting at uni but since I have become a child at home once more, I can tap into mums resources. Mwah Ha Ha Ha. 

My one true passion in life. Ever since a Year 3 (bit of a year 3 pattern here, impressionable age!) project on St Lucia I fell in love with places, a spark of Wanderlust was lit and before long BOOM! There I was at uni doing the subject I loved. Even my ex got jealous at points over my love for my subject. No jokes. I would have dated geography if I could. To be honest, the frequent late night library visits, coffees over volcanic textbooks and heated arguments with my assignments sure felt like a real romance!


If Geography were a man he'd be: understanding, like human geographies; fun and exciting, like tectonics; trustworthy, like the World Health Organisation website (or that's what we learnt!) ; well rounded, like pebbles on an eroded beach; keen for adventure, like a field trip; not totally stuck in their ways, like development geography and finally; caring, like ecology. 


Drinking Tea and Eating Cake. 
No explanation needed.
See herehere and here

What are your loves in life? Would love to here your passions, no matter how strange and wonderful!

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  1. Yey for geography - i'm a former uni geographer too those were fun times for sure! Everyone forgets how important geography is in every day life, it's taken for granted far too often!

  2. Haha, if geographer were a man you'd need to get in line my friend!
    A little Geog-Geek high five.
    Hope you're having an amazing adventure
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Oh my. Koh Tao looks incredible. Very very jealous!

  4. Wow- amazing sea photo! I love the sea too...so calming. xo


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