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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Single, Not Ready To Mingle.

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 Today's post is a bit of a moan and a rant because well I feel like it. 

Since me and my boyfriend of 4 years split up a month ago, I have just bumbled along keeping myself busy with work and travel plans. There have been good days and bad days (queue the tissues and copious chocolate), days where I KNOW it was right for us to split and days where just want it back how it was. Some day's I don't think much of it, some days I just can't stop. One thing that's remained pretty constant is that I have absoloutely no interest in other men right now. Like even if Ewan McGregor walked into the oom with a rose between his teeth I would be just 'meh'. I have genuinely not even thought about a romantic life after the split, apart from what it won't involve - Him.
So when today, a month to the day that my little heart was shattered, I was contacted by someone I knew a while back wondering if I wanted to go for a drink I actually felt physically sick. Conveniently I am going away in a few days time for 2 months anyway so I don't have time anyway, good reason. Nevertheless I have now got myself into a right old tizz. I haven't been in this situation since I was 17, over 4 years ago! I got comfortable, relaxed and lost touch with the whole dating game. I know that when / if I meet someone it will feel natural and all that,but the one thing I have learnt today is that I am definitely not ready to move on. And also that my flight out of this continent can't come fast enough!
It's going to be a long journey before I can move on, hopefully my trip away will help me a little and help me get to know myself again. 
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  1. Aww, I completely understand how you feel. I spent over 4 years with an ex boyfriend from when I was 16 to 21. I had never known anything different other than being in a relationship and struggled a lot to come to terms with the fact that I was 21 and single again; how would I cope as an adult, on my own with no one to turn to. All I can say is it will get better, but boy, will it take some time. I've been single since that day I split up with my ex, six years ago. Many men have walked in and out of my life since, but now, I appreciate too much my independence and having spent so long on my own, it has enabled me to find out who I really am and it has helped me to wean out the terrible men that just aren't worth my time - hence why I'm still single! The first year after splitting up with him, I went on many dates, but nothing worked out because I just didn't want it to.

    I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and, if something is meant to be, it will be. My advice would be to contact the person, explain that you've recently come out of the long term relationship (if they don't already know) and that you need a few months to get your head around being single and finding out who you are after four years. If you're both destined to be together, it will eventually happen.

    Apologies for such a long post!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. Aw thank you for your lovely comment, I'm so glad that I am not the only one to feel like this. Some of my friends just seem to be able to move on like a flash, whereas I seem to be quite different! Have spoken to the person and he is totally ok with it, he thought it might be the case but took a shot anyway, so I didn't have to explain too much! Thank you so much for stopping by :) x


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