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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Blog Every Day In May

Good Morning/ Afternoon / Evening / Night readers! I am currently in a state of confusion, what time is it? What day is it? That's right, I am writing to you fresh off the plane from Melbourne. Hard to believe that 30 hours ago I was sat on the other side of the world in Australia. I am sure you will be hearing LOTS more about my last 7 weeks in the coming few, and I can't wait to get back to the world of internet and blogging.

Blog Every Day in May badge

Anyway back to business... I completed the Blog Every Day In November last year and really enjoyed it! When I saw that Blog Everyday in May was occurin' I knew I had to sign up. For BEDN I felt that quite a lot of my posts were rambled in a desperation to blog everyday so I am not going to take it quite so seriously this year and won't be blogging everyday. But I love having topics preset to chat about and am looking forward to joining in the challenge in bits and pieces along the way!

Are you doing the challenge? Let me know if you are, can't wait to get reading!

Right now I am off to drink mug loads of tea to keep me awake until a decent bedtime, toodles!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Never judge a place by its cover.

I always thought that I was quite an open person to new places, taking in all the sights and sounds of foreign countries. That was until I landed in Bangkok late in the evening. In two days that followed my hatred for Bangkok grew exponentially. It was so hot and humid that we could barely walk more than 10 minutes without having to duck into an air conditioned building, dripping with sweat. I hated the smell of the food cooking by street vendors and the heat from their grills as you tried to walk to the shop for water. I hated the fact I couldn't eat the food because I wasn't hungry and we didn't know what it was. I hated that every tuk tuk and taxi would stop and follow you to get you in. I hated the thick air, the lack of a breeze. I hated the difference, the electricity lines strung above our heads, the cars that wouldn't let you cross the road, the uneven roads, the wild dogs roaming round.

Needless to say I was happy to get out of their to the coast, even with the knowledge that in 2 weeks I would have to once more step foot in the city I thought I would love but detested. It hung over my head for the next 2 weeks and when I boarded the night train to take me back I was full of dread. 

As soon as I stepped out of the station all those thoughts I'd had as a jet lagged, culture shocked backpacker came flooding back. Luckily my travel buddy planned an action packed few days in the city which made me fall in love. 

Now that I have adjusted to the heat we walked for hours, every turn revealing  a new treasure. You would be stretched to walk more than 15 minutes without coming across a gorgeous temple. The choice of food is amazing: French bakery; Italian; sandwich bar; street sellers. You will never go hungry. The thai people are so friendly and helpful, I am not sure it is possible to get lost in Bangkok. One minute you can be walking through malls with Prada, Gucci and Armani ; the next wandering down a side street with corrugated iron walls, the residents selling their wares. 

It's overwhelming. The whole place is... crazy! With a closed mind (I am using severe jet lag and lack of sleep for mine!) it can drown you and stop you from swimming. With an open mind, Bangkok has swept me away. I could spend weeks pottering around, learning more and seeing all it has to offer. I love it!

Have you ever done a total U-Turn in opinion of a city or place? Have you ever hated a city?

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

About Me: I Hate...

Following my 'I Love' post, this is now the slightly more depressing 'I Hate post' which elaborates on my 'About Me' page. If anything, it will make you think I am a bit strange....

THis dislike started as a dislike to a full blown phobia. I hate everything fishy. I hate fish fingers, I hate salmon steaks, I hate pet goldfish and most of all I hate the things that are swimming in the sea. 
I really struggle swimming in the sea, which is a shame because I really enjoy it! I can't look down and if I so much as see a shadow or touch something I am out of there quicker than you can say "It's noting". While holidaying in Greece, swimming in crystal clear water I was so scared that I couldn't look down and had to swim staring skywards. Then I swum straight into a jellyfish and had to be treated for stings. 
While in Crete, a friend and I swam out to a little rock, chilled and tanned for a bit but when it came to the swim back I looked down and there was a swarm of little fish at the base of the rock. I stayed stranded for ages before they got scared away.
So you can probably understand why my upcoming visit to the Great Barrier Reef is like a slap, punch and kick in the face for me. 

Disgusting. Can just about handle it on pizza, but why does everything else in the world have to be smothered in tomato. Or mayonnaise for that matter. Keep it simple please. 

Grey Skies
Who likes a grey sky?! It's exciting when snow is falling from it.Or if there is a huge thunder storm. But day after day of grey skies with no sun is just sad. Plus it makes the whole taking photos for your blog hard.
I am 100% a tea drinker and just can't even bring myself to drink coffee. It is the smell, the taste and the fact that I would probably end up bouncing off the walls like a ping pong ball. 
Super Snooty People
Just don't have the time...

What are your hates? Please someone tell me they suffer from fish phobia too!

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