21 Was The Age


Tonight is my very last night of being the glorious age of 21. Sad really, but it must mean that tomorrow is Birthday O Clock! I say sad, because I have always associated 21 with being the fin age. The age that things happen, and you are super cool. After that... 22... 23... 30 before you know it. 40. 50. 60. etc etc. It's already going downhill having spent the last weekend of my 21ness at a Senior Management Training session for my new job! I'll be maturing faster than a really wet cheese. And I can't wait to start :)

21 has had to be one of the best years of my life. It's been crazy, so much has changed, not a lot has stayed the same. It has been the year that has changed me the most of all. Here are some of the most stand out moments:

Leaving university and moving home: I cried. I sobbed. It was horrific. They prepare you for leaving home to go to uni ("It's ok to be sad and confused" "Take pieces of home with you" "Here are some tips to settle in") What they don't do is prepare you for the much scarier and upsetting experience leaving uni to go home.

Graduating: One of those moments you can only dream about as a child. Will it really happen to me? How on earth will I do a degree? It was a special day filled with laughter and tears. A bittersweet day to end a fantastic 3 years of my little life.

First heartbreak: I guess I did quite well to last to 21 to have this one. Still it didn't make anything easier. I am sure I will still carry this one into my 22nd year, but when one door closes windows open :) Every cloud has a silver lining and I'm just starting to see the sparkle :)

Achieving my life dream: Auussstrrraaalliiiaaa! You only have to ask my nearest and dearest about this and they will certify that visiting Australia has been my life aim since the day I popped into this world 22 years ago. And it did not let me down!

Travel: I escaped Europe for the first time in my life to both Asia AND Australasia. To be honest, I was hoping it would calm my need to travel so I could settle down for my 22nd year. Fat chance! Already planning many more adventures for the upcoming year!

Job: Got me a real persons job :) Admittedly it's only a temporary contract but it involves a desk and managing people. Soooo super excited for this :)

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  1. Aww happy birthday! I turned 22 about 6 months ago, and I agree - 21 was such an amazing age! I am starting to enjoy 22 now though, not too keen on 23!!

    Love your blog - the background is super cute :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I may be later, but I hope you had an awesome birthday. You did look back on things in this post, but you've got plenty to look forwards to as well :)

  3. Age is just a number - you are still in the under 25 age bracket! Plus remember you are an adult - you can do what ever you want with your life. Go be adventurous - there's nothing stopping you now!
    Hope your 22nd birthday wasn't too painful :)
    Bee Happy and Healthy

  4. Sounds like a mixed bag of a year but a pretty massive one in the life of Rosie, it must have been sad to leave that behind.
    Wishing you a 22nd year (23rd year? I never get that right!) filled with even more of your hearts desires.
    M x Life Outside London

  5. I just turned 21 at the beginning of June and life is amazing! I'm in Europe all summer, entering my senior year at university in the fall, and will be attending both of my brothers' weddings. Ready to make it a great year, it sounds like yours definitely was!!!
    ~ Samantha


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