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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bank Holiday Sunday.

Happy Bank Holiday Sunday everyone! Sadly last night my parents decided to abandon me (yes, I have only just arrived back in the country from the other side of the world) to go and visit my no-so-baby brother in Oxford. Not one to want to waste a day, I hopped out of bed this morning, got licked by the cat and got on with my day.Here's what I have been up to...

Bussed. I forgot how stinky our local buses are. Rode past my old workplace. Pointed and laughed and felt happy to keep going.
Shopped. I have greatly missed Primani and Poundland in my absence. Picked up a few pieces and got some DIY stuff too. Yes, DIY. 
Walked. The sun was shining so I walked right down to the bottom of my town and popped out at the harbour. Proper lush, smelt the good old British seaside and felt very happy. 
Drank Tea. I popped into a very cute little harbourside tea shop and had a huuuge chunk of carrot cake and tea. And sat all by myself reading my book. 
Threaded. I have just started having my eyebrows shaped - the last time my beautician nearly died when I told her I'd never touched them and was 21. Random bits had started growing again and I am way to scared to do anything myself. So on a whim I popped into a shop to have them threaded today. Oh My God, the pain. I was crying and everything. Thank goodness I had bought some big aviator sunglasses in Primark earlier as I had to hide behind them all the way home on the bus. It still hurts to blink. I think I'll keep my bushes next time!
Applied. Have decided that I want / need to do a masters next year as part of the life plan. The form is humungous! 
 DIYed. Got into my scrubs and started sanding down an old chest of drawers for my new design room seeing as I am to remain with the parents for another year at least :(
Saved a life. Heard a scuffle in the hall and there was my small cat with an even smaller rabbit hanging from his gob. Expertly grabbed a basket and some cat treats in one swoop, flew out the door after the duo, sprinkled treats, basketed the rabbit, grabbed the cat, locked cat indoors and freed the rabbit who hopped away unscathed. Shame I have had to become an expert in this...

Busy day. Busy busy day! How has your bank holiday Sunday been? What have you been up to?

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  1. My eyebrows remained untouched until I was about 27 ... shocking! I'm quite glad I never fiddled with them though cos it meant they were in a good shape to tidy up! I get mine threaded and I'd say sometimes it really hurts and other times it really doesn't .. stick with it because it really does produce the best results

    Chloe x

    1. Glad to hear it doesn't hurt all the time, I think I just need to man up next time :) x

  2. Ooh, good luck with the Masters degree! I'm about 1 year through mine - but I can take up to 5 years to do it (it's distance learning). Have you decided what you'd like to study yet? :-) x

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to study Planning as you need a masters / degree in it to actually be a planner. Undecided whether to try and cram it in a year or spread it out and work too. Desicions! Be warned, I will probably be grilling you for info soon hehe xxx

  3. That is quite the Sunday! Hope you're planning a most relaxing Monday, you deserve a rest after all the life saving!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I only just got up properly today so defineitly more relaxing :) x

  4. Ooo good luck with the Masters - I remember doing that once up a time was awesome fun. I remember when my old cat loved to bring me mice and rabbits home, it was always interesting opening the back door to a gift on the doorstep ....


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