BEDM: My Favourite Posts

As part of BEDM here are my favourite 5 posts on my blog so far. I have probably missed one as I didn't realise quite how many posts I have written over time!
This post took me forever and gave me reassurance that surviving in Australia without Marmite would be possible. And it was, I carried a little jar of Vegemite all the way down the east coast with me among my clothes. Yum.. yeast extract.

Just looking at the picture makes me hungry, bring on Christmas 2014 so I can make this baby again

Spending quality time with the Kitties is never a bad thing. Taking adorable pictures of them then blogging about our antics is even better. This house is still miraculously standing...

Still impressed I ever managed to make this. 

Not long to go with this challenge now and still so much to do! It has definitely given me a direction in my year out of life!

Link me your BEDM posts and / or your favourite blog posts :) 

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  1. Haha we have that cat house too :)

  2. Hey hey hey, great to have you back! The cake bracelet was one of the first I read from you, loved it! And don't get me stared on the biscuit up cycling, mmmm! Hope you're loving far!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Wow to the cake braclet. I love playing around with polymer clay, ALL the possibilities that you can make is insane. I am not a Marmite fan at all, even the thought makes me shudder now x

  4. Marmite and vegemite YES <3 I took Marmite with me on my year studing in Illinois and the Americans all said "it tastes like soy sauce on bread".....whut....
    Its nice to read that taking part in a challenge gives you direction and isn't just something you've signed up for - hope it keeps taking you great places :) xx

  5. I did enjoy that Christmas biscuit post! Yum!

  6. The biscuit upcycling post was fab! A great idea - shame we didn't have any leftover ones last year! :-) x


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