#BEDM: Passion Project

Today's topic is about what you would like to make money from. In an ideal world, I would love to make money from travelling! I can think of nothing better than being paid to travel the world and soak up the cultures. Even better if I was paid to travel 1st class!

In a realistic world, travelling is going to be something I have to pay for. Oh well! I had a massive wobbly this year over what I WOULD like to get paid to do. I genuinely don't care about the money, as long as I can live and get by. I would much rather be doing something I enjoy! 

So my plan now, what I do want to get paid for is Planning. It means another year at university to get qualified but I have been fascinated by this since school and did lots of work experience and extra curricular stuff about planning and architecturlike stuff.  SO that's what I realistically want to get paid for so fingers crossed in 18 months I will be earning my money that very way :)

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  1. Hiyah
    I'm a fellow #BEDMer. I love your blog :-) I hope you get to travel one day but otherwise good look with your degree xxx

  2. Have you considered travel writing? That would pay for travelling for sure- and plenty of talent within your blog posts to do it! Its great though you've found something else that you want to do and are being proactive about achieving it - sending you many good wishes for the coming months of study you have :)
    I am also BEDM-ing over at prettycolumn.blogspot.co.uk :)
    jenny x

    1. Thank you for you lovely words! Sadly I'm not sure my writing skills are worth a lot of money, though I am getting together my photo's and pieces for my upcoming travels posts! Will be heading over to your blog shortly :) x

  3. Huh I wasn't sure what #BEDM was so I just googled it, and this Google+ scrolling newsfeed came up of a whole bunch of different #BEDM posts from diff bloggers!! Wow! (I'm assuming it's blog every day in May haha)
    Wouldn't that be awesome to get paid to travel?? 1st class too - yes please!
    Good luck with your planning path though! Awesome to find something you're really passionate about doing :)

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

    1. Glad you just discovered #BEDM! You should join in, there is a lot of awesome blogs out there doing it :) x


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