Eurovision: How to throw the perfect party.

Hello all, and welcome to my new mini-series based on the most wonderful time of the year. Yes. it's Eurovivion o'clock! Watching the first semi-final yesterday made me all super excited so I though, why not blog about it!

I hate to brag, but I am a bit of an expert at the old Eurovision Party. The fact that it usually coincides so nicely with my birthday means I have had a fair few Eurovison Birthday parties. Including my 21st. Screw the clubbing, we sat in our decorated student lounge with a cider (or two)eating Eurovision treats and singing along. 

Grab yourself this years poster from the BBC here. #teammolly! To be a bit more diplomatic make or buy some European flag bunting. I usually get a disco ball on the go as well just to add to the atmosphere. 

You obviously need to get some Eurovision classics blasting out your stereo. Google is you friend but here is a good one .

Get a sweepstake on the go once again the good old BBC have produced this beauty for us. Just make sure you cross off those eliminated in the Semi Finals! Rather embarrassingly I won the sweepstake once at my own party. Awkward...
Ask your guests to come in fancy dress for the country they want to win. 
And you can always break out the beers to keep those who are less interested amused!

Provide a host of snacky nibbles to keep you going through the lengthy show. If you are feeling crafty, try making some flag shaped food. Pizzas, sandwiches, biscuits. Cupcakes are easy to decorate in flag colours, or be lazy like me and my housemate were and just stick little Eurovision cocktail sticks in pre-made cupcakes (you would NOT have wanted to eat anything cooked in our student kitchen) as seen in the top photo. We made our flags from this picture here and some cocktail sticks.  We also broke up some of that cool popping chocolate into cupcake cases because we were addicted to it. 
Alternatively, ask your guests to bring along a type of food from a European country. Pop into shops like Lidls or your local Polish shop who often stock European foods.

Will you be watching on Saturday?

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  1. Ooooooooooooooh! My friend throws a Eurovision party every year, she bakes cakes and everyone dresses up and it's so much fun! Not sure what will happen this year, I'll have to try and convince my other half to watch with me .. I've just realised I don't even know what our song is?! :s

    Chloe x

  2. I absolutely love Eurovision and also look forward to it every year! I've even got a bag of decorations (mostly flags and banners) that I bring out every year lol

    Lots of great ideas in this post :) Have a great time on Saturday!

  3. I love eurovision, I loved finland, UK and Icelands entries this year x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. Didn't watch Eurovision but would have if I was invited to your party! Great way to get together - I may just throw my own party next year, unless I get an invite else where lol ;)


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