Hello May!

It's May! May is the best month of the year, and that has nothing to do with the occurrence of a certain someones birthday (yay!!)or the fact that for the first time in a million years I will have no exams. May is good... and seeing as as of this month I am now meant to be fully moving on with life after my rather relaxing gap year here is what's on the To Do List...

Pass my driving test - I should have passed 5 years ago. The time has now come. Watch out Devon. Here I come!

Decide what to do now - I have a temporary job until August. This month I need to decide what to do after that!

Crack on with my Gap Year 50 - I only have 2 months left to finish this mammoth list. All the fitness ones remain...

Get out more - Hopefully (touch wood, fingers crossed) May is going to be warm and sunny. I realised while away that I never really get out and see my local area. Why travel for 1000s miles when you haven't even been to the north of your own county? 

Scrapbook - My 'Stuff-That-Needs-To-Be-Scrapbooked' box is overflowing. And it's one of those huge office storage boxes. Time to get creative!

What's on your To-Do list this month?

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  1. It's my Mr's birthday month too - which basically means free meals as restaurants with birthday coupons yey! Good luck with passing your driving test - I really need to get around to learning to drive sometime soon!

  2. I had this idea about doing a scrapbook-type thing before Christmas - all I've got so far is a box full of bits! It has all been sorted out into what I'd actually use but still, the actual scrapbook is yet to be produced :-) xx


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