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Friday, 23 May 2014

How to do Bangkok on the Cheap

Travelling can be a very expensive past time if you are not clued up. Food, accommodations and transport can all add up if you are not careful and the addition of a giant backpack often leads you open to price hikes. Here are my tops tips for doing Bangkok on the cheap:

Once you have eaten in Bangkok you will never be able to eat out in the UK again. 

  • There are plenty of street food areas in the markets and along the streets which sell meals for often no more than £1 a go.
  • Head to China Town for a huge choice of foods. There are plenty of sit down fish restaurants here too. 
  • Make the most of the fresh fruit on sale. Never have I tasted such good Mango, Pineapple and Watermelon for such a cheap price.

  • Try and avoid cabs and Tuk Tuks for long journeys. Don't use Tuk Tuks as day to day travel, but to get the experience chose a journey you know is short. Be prepared for the ride of your life!
  • If you need a cab ensure you chose one with a meter and ask the driver to use it. If a driver offers you a flat rate at the beginning of the journey, decline and ask for a meter. 
  • Use public transport! It costs 7 baht (14p) to use the bus. Ask your accommodation host for help on where to get on / off. You will also find the Thai people very helpful if you get confused! The BTS is a great cheap way to get round aswell. 
  • Use your feet. Every corner in Bangkok is different, whether it a spectacular temple, some scrummy fresh fruit being hawked or a monitor lizard swimming up the Khlongs. Grab a map and experience Bangkok on foot!

You don't need much money to be entertained in Bangkok.
  • Entry into the Grand Palace is 500baht (about £10) which includes entry to a museum and entry to another attraction including the Throne Room. It is easy to spend half a day in the Grand Palace alone. 
  • Visit the Golden Mount for a spectacular view over Bangkok. For 10 baht (20p) you can climb up to the top of the temple and soak up the views. 
  • Visit AsiaTique, a new development filled with shops and trendy placed to eat as well as the famous Calypso show. Despite it's upmarket appearance, browse the stalls for a bargain. I picked up a few cute tops for 100baht each and a few other cheap souvenirs. To get to AsiaTique, take a free ferry from near Saphan Taksin BTS station. The ferry in itself is a great experience, we did it at night which is a stunning way to see the gorgeous Bangkok skyline lit up. 
  • Don't buy the first funky elephant print silk scarf you see. Keep it in mind and have a look around, chances are you'll find it cheaper just round the corner. 
Do you have any budget traveling tips?
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  1. It's always nice to know how to go about things cheaply, especially when you're backpacking.
    I think street vendors are a good food choice, also you can see it all be cooked and if other people are queuing to eat, it's probably alright!

  2. I always want to try do traveling cheap but have expensive tastes :( You make Bangkok look very inviting tho!


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