Things I've Pinned Lately

How totally amazing does this places look, all those camels!

I love the super cuteness of these little chocolate fingers and sprinkles. Sprinkles make the world a better place :)

Too true. Bed is where all the blog ideas and thoughts are born!

I'm redoing my room at the moment so have been looking at decor a lot. I adore this whole fairy light thing, how magical is it?! Never going to happen in the foreseeable future in my room though :( 

Are you a pinterest fan?

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  1. With house buying pinterest has become a bit of an addiction when it comes to home and garden ideas, plus it's a big inspiration and idea source for my crafting. Spent so many hours on that site!

  2. Yep, I love Pinterest. I've been planning my nonexistent wedding ever since I made an account.


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