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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Week That Was..

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a severe lack of posting on this little corner lately. Super eagle eyed readers will be aware that this decline in activity matches rather nicely to the beginning of the new job. Now my working days are over 12 hours long, and my number of working days are 6 a week. Meaning I only have one beautiful Sunday in which to chillax and blog. Super sad face. 
So what's been up this week? Take a gander if you dare. 

  • Become a bit of a lad. Being the only female in an office full of them means I have sadly begun sinking to their level. In with the banter and girl rating, out with the tea drinking and talking shopping.
  • Become a machine. On a recent staff night; "You're like a machine. You work like a maniac in the office all day and now look, you've even had time to put on some Mascara. Amazing!'. I'll take that. 
  • Become more bad cop. I realised that I am a bit of a good cop so this week I became bad cop. And I enjoyed it... and a lot more things went my way!
  • Trapped my finger. In a door of all things. Things went slow motion as I desperately tried to rescue it. No lasting damage other than a lovely under nail bruise. #stillhavefingernail. Thank God! 
  • Baked some cakes. Still have time for cake. I always have time for cake. 
What have your weeks looked like?

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Would You Rather #1

Life has been crazy lately. My one day off a week is spent catching up on lost sleep, doing chores and catching up on all the TV I have missed during the week. Working over 12 hours a day is mentally and physically draining! So the blog has been slightly on the back burner lately, but never fear, welcome to the new feature "Would you rather..." So here we go!

 .... live in isolation OR face your biggest fear once a month.... 
Well my biggest fear is fish as you may well know! SO would I rather have a friendly encounter with these beasts of live in isolation forever. To me they are both pretty bad, but I am going to look at in in 'How to take a plaster off theory". Better to rip it off and endure intense pain for a millisecond than slowly peel away at the corners causing lasting agony. So I would rather face a monthly fishy dun time than live in isolation. By a country mile :)
This weeks 'Would you rather' is courtesy of this website.
How about you? Which would you rather?
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Saturday, 14 June 2014

I am so sorry Mum!

 I have always been a horrific carer for plants. My mum has only just nursed back the brown stump that remained from my once beautiful university plant. So her giving me the responsibility of plant care duty while she was away for the week was never going to be good. In my defense, I have been working 12 hour days and having to contend with cat feeding, poop a scooping etc plants totally skipped my mind until I walked into the conservatory this glorious sunny Saturday. 

All I can say is 'I am so sorry mum'. Not only have I re-murdered my university plant. I have taken half of mums with it. 

So readers, I am asking...  begging for help. I have watered them, opened every door and window, even sung to them. I NEED them to turn green and perky ready for Mumma's return on Monday. Tips would be appreciated!

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Sunshine and Kittyshoots

The sun is shining, hallelujah! To celebrate I took a trot around the back garden among the blooming flowers and frolicking kitties. 

"Just sniffin' my brothers bum." As you do...

As for me, this is my last Sunday as a Lady of Leisure. I start my brand spanking new job tomorrow and would be lying if I said I am as calm as a daisy about it all. I hate starting new jobs, even though I have met all my new colleagues who are lovely. Sure once I've figured out where the kettle and the loos are I will be fine :) 

How's your (hopefully) sunny Sundays been?


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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Great Barrier Reef

My avid readers may know of my devastating phobia of fish. Hence my visit to the Great Barrier Reef was not exactly being highly anticipated on my trip to Australia!   
We hopped onto a lovely catamaran boat from Cairns for a day trip out to the reef. We did our research and decided to fork out for a slightly more expensive trip which would take us out to the Outer Reef - which we were guaranteed would be less touristy and more impressive. 
And so we made our journey out of the city and into the deep blue. We sailed out to Michaelmas Cay, a bar of snow white sand nestled in the turquoise waters. There was only one other tiny boat at the cay for the entire time we were there so there were no tourists ruining everything which made it even more special. The ship dropped anchor and those who wanted to try out Scuba Diving got a free taster session. I declined this offer due to the old phobia but was really happy that there was a glass bottom boat tour which we could go on. I gladly hopped on in the hope to see some of the reef without actually having to risk coming into contact with any nasty fishy friends.  

It was pretty special, though duller than I was expecting! We saw a multitude of coloured fish (which I don't find quite so terrifying as their grey cousins) including a Nemo.  It was amazingly clear - the photo's don't do it justice.
Look at this stunner of a photo. 'What is it?' you say. Um.. is it not obvious? Why it is a turtle of course! 
I hopped back on board the larger boat and grabbed some lunch and looked out on this beaut of a view. Sadly due to incoming Cyclone Ita, the second spot we were meant to go to was too dangerous so we had to spend the rest of the afternoon in the same place. Not going to complain though, it was paradise worthy!
Gazing out across the reef I knew I had to man up, wetsuit and snorkle up and get in that water. How could I possibly try to explain to people that yes, I had been there but not swum among the reefs. Feeling brave, I jumped in and adjusted my face mask. But oh no... these fish were no ordinary fish, they were the friendliest fish in the world. They had no fear of darting within an inch of my thrashing legs and too soon I started to feel dizzy and panicked as I watched the multicoloured blobs terrorise me. They must have known. These fish must have been able to smell fear. 

Look at them! Vicious I tell you!

 After my trauma, I hitched a lift on the little boat out to the sand island to soak up some rays. We were only allowed on a tiny sliver as the rest is home to lots of special birds. The noise was crazy!

And so the day ended, we climbed back aboard greeted by a warm cup of tea as we lay out on the sundeck watching the reef pass beneath us as we sailed back to Cairns. 

It was never going to be the highlight of my trip, but I am so glad I have seen the reef it definitely did have a magical feel to it. I would absolutely love to fly over the reef, we saw glimpses as we flew into Cairns but I would love to go on a special flight. 

Have you ever been to The Great Barrier reef? Or would you like to go?

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