Would You Rather #1

Life has been crazy lately. My one day off a week is spent catching up on lost sleep, doing chores and catching up on all the TV I have missed during the week. Working over 12 hours a day is mentally and physically draining! So the blog has been slightly on the back burner lately, but never fear, welcome to the new feature "Would you rather..." So here we go!

 .... live in isolation OR face your biggest fear once a month.... 
Well my biggest fear is fish as you may well know! SO would I rather have a friendly encounter with these beasts of live in isolation forever. To me they are both pretty bad, but I am going to look at in in 'How to take a plaster off theory". Better to rip it off and endure intense pain for a millisecond than slowly peel away at the corners causing lasting agony. So I would rather face a monthly fishy dun time than live in isolation. By a country mile :)
This weeks 'Would you rather' is courtesy of this website.
How about you? Which would you rather?
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  1. I think I'd rather face my biggest fear, but at the same time, I'm not sure what my biggest fear is and that would scare me a little :(

    1. If you have no fear then life would be good for you in this scenario! x

  2. My biggest fear is spiders... and I don't think I would last a month xD I would take the isolation because I don't mind alone time... Just give me a good book to endure it!


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