O Vertigo!

I have always been a fan of the lovely lady. While relatively unknown in the UK she is a bit of a thing is Australia. You may recognise her song 'Last Day on Earth' as it has been used a few times on adverts here in the UK.  Thankfully she timed the release of her latest album with my recent visit to Aus. No more extortionate shipping costs, I simply walked into the CD store and plucked it off the shelf. The feeling was great! (Note the smushed corner, that damage occurred somewhere between Brisbane and Surfers Paradise as the result of bad bag packing)
I don't normally review music on here, but today that is all about to change. This album is amazing. Just amazing. I have listened to this and only this on my hour long walk to work for the last 3 weeks. Kate Miller Heidke manages to entwine wacky, dancy, chilling and emotional all in one small package. here are my 4 favourite tracks off the album. 

Featuring Megan Washington, this song is a war of words between a mans two women. 
"You are just a ghost and I am real" both women sing as they battle against one another willing the other to go. I could have this song on repat forever, it just works so well. 

Yours was the body
I can just relate to this song so much at the moment. It's like Kate has literally read my mind! On a totally different tangent, it sets a very good walking pace!

Share your Air
Another duet. This time with Passenger responsible for the hit 'Let Her Go'. Kate's voice just works so well in a duet, the harmonies are mmmm mmm. Delicious!

What was I to you?
Again, another I can relate to at the moment. This one gives me chills, Kate's vocal skills are really on show in this song. Love it :)

I am super lucky as I get to go and see Kte in concert in Bristol in September. Having seen videos of Kate live, I am so excited as she is incredible live! 

Have you ever heard of Kate Miller-Heidke? And do you have an album / artist on repeat at the moment?
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