Life's Cup of Tea

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The week that was #1 ...

  • This cake is almost too amazing for words. Needless to say if I attempted it it would look like a brown blob...
  • Strictly Come Dancing's line up being revealed. Looks pretty good to me, can't wait!
  • Great advice on how to make Sick Days that little bit more glamorous from Sprinkle of Glitter. Sadly had to put this to practice this week :(
  • If life can be perfect, then I think Rosie of The Londoner lives it. Her Swiss adventures just prove it...
In the real world it's been a week of Pancakes, Waffles, Cluedo in PJs and spending time with the best friends a girl could ask for :)

How have your weeks been?

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Relax Time

So it's over, my summer job is finito!  I am ready to drop. I genuinely thought I wouldn't make it, 11 weeks with 8 days off, record breaking 19 hour shifts on some days, minimum 12 hour shifts on others, not eating dinner, eating too much lunch, barely finding time to sleep / shower. You get the picture...

But I loved almost every minute, this is the first time I've had real responsibility in a workplace. I have decided I quite LIKE managing people and don't hate being in an office as much as I thought I would. I also discovered I loved the outdoor aspect too! I'm going to miss having things to do and am sure that byt theend of Bank Holiday Monday I will be crying out for crazy work again. 

SO what now?! A couple of days rest, then the job hunt begins once more... My mind is changing all the time with what I want to do but I'll worry about that soon! I also have a cheeky little trip to see my girls from university which I am sure will involve too much cake, tea and nattering and then I am supposedly off to Iceland. But if you are up to date with the latest news I am starting to get a bit concerned about that!

And of course blogging, I have definitely neglected this little space lately. Partly due to me not doing a lot, not taking photos and not really having time!

Right now I am going to climb into bed and snuggle up to my kitty who I am naughtily letting have access to the house tonight. Mwah ha ha!!

What are your bank holiday plans? Enjoy!

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Best Day of My Life

This post is about the best day of my life. The day I stodd on Ramsay Street, the home of the best tv show on earth - Neighbours. I have watched neighbours my whole life, there are even pictures of my hands on the tv in my nappy while it's on. Needless to say it has been  dream of mine to actually go to Ramsay Street, a dream that finally came true :)

We were originally going to end our tour of Australia in Sydney. Luckily I persuaded my friend that we needed to go to Melbourne at the end for a couple of days. Success! I went on the Offical Neighbours tour, option B which cost me a lovely AU$70 - a real bargain. 
By the time I hopped on the neighoburs tour bus I was feeling a bit weak at the knees. As we made our way through the suburbs of Melbourne we were treated to a hilarious commentary by our tour guide before finally pulling into Pin Oak Court. The real name of Ramsay Street.

It was a lot smaller than I had expected. We got the chance to take lots of photos and hold a Ramsay Street sign while doing our poses. 

Me outside the Kennedy's house. Complete with my plastered up surfing injury.

We then made our way to the studio where the show is filmed. We were shown round the outside sets which include the lassiters complex, the lake and Sonya's nursery.

Sadly the back garden lots were hidden behind huge fences that we couldn't access but we scramble on the fences to peek over and take photos. It was all quite surreal for me!

So there we have it. My guilty little dream lived. I would definitely recommend the tour, even if you are not a hardcore fan. I am sue that the majority of us Brits have watched the iconic show at some point and it really is a very entertaining tour!
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

BEDA: 15 Happy Things

I happened across a Blog Everyday in August challenge this morning and though I am slightly late to complete this one I thought I would follow a few of the prompts as they are looknig pretty good! 

Today's prompt is 15 things that make you happy that aren't the generic family / friends. Here goes!

1. The sun shining through the window in the morning.
2. A nice cup of tea.
3. Stroking my little cat and then getting a kiss (yes, my cat kisses)
4. Snow. I am 22, yet waking up when there is snow everywhere is just amazing.
5. Listening to some properly good music and just chilling.
6. Making / baking something. 
7. Travelling. Travelling or even thinking about it makes me feel sooo happy. And looking over all my photos :)
8. Watching a trashy chick flick and curling up under a blanket. Preferably with the kissing cat.
9. Watching neighbours. 
10. Painting my nails.
11. Just lying in bed in the morning. Especially when it is raining and cold and dark outside. And I'm all snug inside :) BLiss
12. GOing to cute little tea rooms and munching on a variety of little cakes. 
13. Doing something amazing. Like ziplining, climbing mountains or going for a surf.
14. Feeling pretty. Dressing up for special occasions and doing my hair nice always makes me feel happy :)
15. Eating bad foods. Because who doesn't love being a bit naughty :)

What makes you happy? Leave any links if you are doing BEDA as well, super keen to do some reading!

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Friday, 8 August 2014

The brothers bedroom

Tonight is a sad night. The very same day my new double mattress arrived for my lovely new double bed, I have been vanquished from my room into my brothers for the weekend while my parents have friends over. My lovely new mattress and I will not be the first to sleep on it. Not fair. 
So here I am, sitting up in my brothers room, a room I am usually not allowed to step foot in. It's strange because I remember coming in here when I was tiny after our baths, running round with our towels above our heads being super heros. It feels as though there is barely enough room in here now to get dressed let alone run circuits!
Tonight I have bought my floral duvet in amongst the bottles of whiskey and aftershave, the crime thriller novels and numerous box sets, the suits and pointless technology and to inject a splash of colour into what is essentially a bleak man cave. 
Why are men's rooms so dull?!

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