BEDA: 15 Happy Things

I happened across a Blog Everyday in August challenge this morning and though I am slightly late to complete this one I thought I would follow a few of the prompts as they are looknig pretty good! 

Today's prompt is 15 things that make you happy that aren't the generic family / friends. Here goes!

1. The sun shining through the window in the morning.
2. A nice cup of tea.
3. Stroking my little cat and then getting a kiss (yes, my cat kisses)
4. Snow. I am 22, yet waking up when there is snow everywhere is just amazing.
5. Listening to some properly good music and just chilling.
6. Making / baking something. 
7. Travelling. Travelling or even thinking about it makes me feel sooo happy. And looking over all my photos :)
8. Watching a trashy chick flick and curling up under a blanket. Preferably with the kissing cat.
9. Watching neighbours. 
10. Painting my nails.
11. Just lying in bed in the morning. Especially when it is raining and cold and dark outside. And I'm all snug inside :) BLiss
12. GOing to cute little tea rooms and munching on a variety of little cakes. 
13. Doing something amazing. Like ziplining, climbing mountains or going for a surf.
14. Feeling pretty. Dressing up for special occasions and doing my hair nice always makes me feel happy :)
15. Eating bad foods. Because who doesn't love being a bit naughty :)

What makes you happy? Leave any links if you are doing BEDA as well, super keen to do some reading!

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  1. Good choices! Tea and snow are always on my list!
    I really wanted to try a blog every challenge, maybe for September!
    ~ K


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