Best Day of My Life

This post is about the best day of my life. The day I stodd on Ramsay Street, the home of the best tv show on earth - Neighbours. I have watched neighbours my whole life, there are even pictures of my hands on the tv in my nappy while it's on. Needless to say it has been  dream of mine to actually go to Ramsay Street, a dream that finally came true :)

We were originally going to end our tour of Australia in Sydney. Luckily I persuaded my friend that we needed to go to Melbourne at the end for a couple of days. Success! I went on the Offical Neighbours tour, option B which cost me a lovely AU$70 - a real bargain. 
By the time I hopped on the neighoburs tour bus I was feeling a bit weak at the knees. As we made our way through the suburbs of Melbourne we were treated to a hilarious commentary by our tour guide before finally pulling into Pin Oak Court. The real name of Ramsay Street.

It was a lot smaller than I had expected. We got the chance to take lots of photos and hold a Ramsay Street sign while doing our poses. 

Me outside the Kennedy's house. Complete with my plastered up surfing injury.

We then made our way to the studio where the show is filmed. We were shown round the outside sets which include the lassiters complex, the lake and Sonya's nursery.

Sadly the back garden lots were hidden behind huge fences that we couldn't access but we scramble on the fences to peek over and take photos. It was all quite surreal for me!

So there we have it. My guilty little dream lived. I would definitely recommend the tour, even if you are not a hardcore fan. I am sue that the majority of us Brits have watched the iconic show at some point and it really is a very entertaining tour!
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  1. That is awesome it's so fun they do trips there too. I've only just found out I can watch Neighbours through Hulu here in the US so i've been catching up. Not that i've watched it for like 10 years or anything, but it's nice to have something familar to watch even after being in the US so long. Surprised so many of the old cast were still around!

  2. I never watch neighbours that much, I think I watched a little more home and away but then not too much telly at all. Still, I think it's great tht you can have tours around the tv set :)


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