The brothers bedroom

Tonight is a sad night. The very same day my new double mattress arrived for my lovely new double bed, I have been vanquished from my room into my brothers for the weekend while my parents have friends over. My lovely new mattress and I will not be the first to sleep on it. Not fair. 
So here I am, sitting up in my brothers room, a room I am usually not allowed to step foot in. It's strange because I remember coming in here when I was tiny after our baths, running round with our towels above our heads being super heros. It feels as though there is barely enough room in here now to get dressed let alone run circuits!
Tonight I have bought my floral duvet in amongst the bottles of whiskey and aftershave, the crime thriller novels and numerous box sets, the suits and pointless technology and to inject a splash of colour into what is essentially a bleak man cave. 
Why are men's rooms so dull?!

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  1. haha I know! I remember my brothers just having a strange musty smell of lynx and socks everywhere!


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