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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Style: September product favourites

Slightly different post today, dipping my toes in another pool and all that. I've developed some favourite, firm favourite products over the last week so thought I would share them with you all at the end of this beautiful September.

Clinique Chubby Stick - £17
This was a freebie at the time with a magazine (which I think every blogger took advantage of!) which I generally got for the magazine. This was a nice added bonus. I use my chubby stick daily, it doesn't add too much colour to my lips but does add enough to make a nice difference. 

Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus - £11
This is the first S&G make up I have used and I am a impressed. I have been wearing this a lot as a highlighter (as suggested) on my cheekbones and it really does add a glow. It come's out of the tube pearly, and applies smoothly and lightly. I really like it as a day to day boost and it also makes me look slightly more lively in night time party photos. Bingo. 

Mavala Mavadry - £9.40
This came as part of my You Beauty box this month and I am in love. I love to do my nails but get so impatient with the drying and usually end up smudging it or with hairlines in my mani the next day. You simply paint this over still wet polish and within half a minute it is dry solid and with a lovely shine. I have done my nails heaps more this month as a result!
Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray - £6.99
After visiting the hairdressers, I decided that to accomplish that 'just been to a professional' look everyday I needed a bit more help especially with the old blow dry. This spray really does cut down the time taken for me to blow dry my locks and keeps it in place for a lot longer than it normally would look ok. It also has the added benefit of heat protection which I should probably use more of anyway!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Solution - £18
I have awful skin. Big pores, uneven colour and acne that just decided to flare up in my times of need. Theoretically this summer my skin should have been one giant red, spotty mess; long crazy hours, little sleep, crazy stress, awful eating habits. I put the fact that I actually stayed mainly acne free down to this gem. It tingles as you take your make up off and actually leaves my skin feeling clean in a way I have never felt before. Sadly I ran out a week ago and my skin has turned bad again literally overnight. Coincidence I think not...

Have you used any of these to any degree's of success?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Life: The week that was #2

This week has just trundled on by until Saturday when PIXIE LAND, CREAM TEA and CUDDLING BABY PIGS all happened in one day. Accompanied by screaming along to radio 1 on country roads and eating our weight in Devon fudge. Ahhhhh...

Jessica posted an outfit with these ΓΌber cute cat tights, which I have decided I need in my life. I just need to find an English shop that sells them... help?!

Having stumbled across this shop once in Lisbon and then again last week in Reykjavik, I am in love. I can't stop browsing the website!

This recipe has just become my new favourite. It's mac and cheese, but healthy. And with hidden veg. Dare I say, this version is better that the usually heaps of cheese/pasta combo!?

23 reasons why you must visit Australia had me all desperate to go back. What a country, who can believe it has all of those beauties!

Hope you have all had scrumptious weeks too :)

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Travel: 5 things about Iceland

1. Fab Loos
From the moment I went to the loo at the airport arrivals to the moment I went to the loo at the airport departures, I not once came across a bad toilet. Which is rare, I have relatively high standards! Hands free, nice hand creams, super clean, sleek decorated, awesome light effects, cubicles the size of my own bathroom. Love it. 

2. Stinky Water
I initially thought my brother wasn't feeling too well when I went into the bathroom after him. It stank. Like eggs. Luckily this wasn't the case, instead it is the hot shower water causing this unfortunate smell. Within seconds of turning on the shower (which does heat up very fast fyi) the room smells of eggy fart. You sort of get used to it, I just made sure I used extra florally shampoo, I was paranoid! It's all actually quite exciting really, the egg is the result of all that volcanic action not far below the feet of Icelanders. 
3. McDonalds
I haven't been to many places around the world, but I have never been somewhere where I haven't seen a McDonalds. How refreshing was Iceland!? Ok there were loads of subways, a KFC and Cola everywhere but not a single MccyDs. The big daddy of fast food pulled out of the country in 2009 due to the financial crisis. So there we go, McDonalds does not rule the world. 

4. Concrete / Tin
Most of the buildings in Reykjavik seem to made of either concrete or tin. And by concrete I mean just plain, grey, smooth concrete. I am not saying this is a bad thing at all, the Icelandic people have made what I consider to be a VERY ugly building material into works of art. 

5. No such thing as a tacky souvenir
As a sucker for cheap tacky souvenirs for myself and to bestow on my buddies I was extremely disappointed when what I was hoping was a couple of pounds turned out to be almost a tenner. No kidding. The only thing I bought were 3 thimbles for my collection, and that cam to almost £15! My dreams of an Icelandic wool jumper flew out of that concrete-rimmed window when I saw the price tag and my father almost died on several occasions when he saw the price his pint of beer was going to cost. Thank goodness they have amazing scenery to go on FREE walks. 

And one for luck...

6. It not actually too icy!
Strange that. It was actually relatively mild given that it is rubbing noses with the Arctic Circle. I reckon someone got confused with Greenland and Iceland at one point. Iceland was rather green, I get the impression Greenland is rather icy. 

Have you ever been to Iceland?
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Monday, 22 September 2014

Life: Lists & Growing Up

At the moment I am really at a horrible crossroads. I have finished my gap year and was cruising along really quite nicely: Easy job, travel for a few months, tough rewarding job, travel. Nothing.
Here I am sat at the kitchen table of my parents house on a Monday morning in front of my laptop with no idea what on earth is going on in my life. The next date I have written in my diary is Christmas day. While this is happening I am seeing all my friends doing stuff on my facebook feed. I literally feel as though everything in my life is a bit of a mess at the moment... my lack of employment, my finances, my email account and even the ability to blog! Which is silly really, I have been very lucky this year :)

It is exactly this situation I just have to make shed loads of lists and somehow plough through them without eating too much food! My snazzy new organizer from paperchase sure helps out with that one :)

Are you a list maker? 

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Travel: Fraser Island - Australia

During our time in Australia, we went on a day tour to Fraser Island with Fraser Explorer Tours, the largest sand island in the world located just off the Queensland coast. Due to our time limits we could only squash in a day visit meaning we didn't get to see everything the island has to offer but this didn't stop this being an amazing trip.

We were picked up bright and early from the bus stop at Rainbow Beach which just across the road from our hostel. The bustank was literally a cross between the two, as there are no roads on fraser island this machine had to be sturdy! We made our way to the crossing point and got on the ferry to take us across to the island. 
Our first main stop after navigating old logging sand tracks (the term rollercoaster comes to mind!) and a quick stoop for some elevensies was Lake McKenzie. I kid you not readers, this was possibly the most beautiful, amazing place I have ever laid my eyes on. The lake contains only rain water and has no inflows or outflows. The azure water is so pure that not much lives in it. The sand is white silica, so fine and white and the whole lot is surrounded by lush green forest. Despite being an obvious tourist hotspot, we found a secluded bank where we were able to wallow in the warm water and 'ex-foliate' ourselves using the sand. If heaven could be an hour, that hour was it. 

One of the draws to Fraser Island is the wildlife. There are sadly no koalas but plenty else! Keep your eyes peeled on the rainforest walk, we were luck to see a giant lizard (I mean giant, it was bigger than my head!) as well as several Dingos - an icon of fraser! If you go on a longer trip  you have chances to see Whales, Sharks and Dugong at the north of the island. Jealous much!
As we drove further up the island in the Surf we were offered a trip in a small aeroplane over the Island for just $70. We had been going on about doing a scenic flight for weeks now but hadn't done one so this seemed like the perfect chance! The runway IS the beach, Fraser is one of only 2 places in the world with a beach runway. 

We soared above the blue sea keeping our eyes peeled for any wildlife, over lush green rainforests,numerous lakes, huge sandblows and KMs of beach. It was worth every cent of the price we paid!
Passing this stunning ship wreck we made it to the furthest point of our trip, The Pinnacles Coloured Sand. These rock formations contain scores of different colours of sand (in a similar fashion to those at Rainbow Beach, hence the name!) caused by oxidation.
I much prefer the aboriginal tale though: a young girl Wuru, promised to an older man called Wayner, fell in love with a Rainbow Serpent. She visited the beach daily to meet her lover, but the Wayner grew jealous and known for his killing ability sought revenge on Wuru. With his boomerang in hand he chased her, but upon hearing the young girls screams, the Rainbow Serpent lept in front to protect her. The Rainbow was shattered into small pieces by the deadly boomerang, and the pieces fell to form the coloured sands. Wuru escaped unharmed, and this area is now seen as a sacred site for women. 

Our final port of call before speeding back down the beach highway was Eli Creek. We walked along a long boardwalk further in land along the creek before climbing in. The crystal clear water gently pulling us back towards the beach. The perfect end to a perfect day :)

Shattered, we returned to our hostel and did what any good Aussie does... fired up the Barbie! Would I go back? Absolutely. Fraser Island is a MUST to anyone thinking of going to Queensland. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Loose Leaf Tea Experience

 I have said before that I don't really taste the difference between tea bags. PG tips to me doesn't taste too different from posh English grown. One thing I have always been intrigued by though is loose leaf tea, so using my new found free time and earnings I popped down to get myself a tea strainer and some good old Yorkshire brew. 

Apart from the little bits that escaped through the mesh meaning I couldn't quite enjoy the last few sips of tea in the bottom of my mug, the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable! There is definitely more flavour than the regular tea bag and the dregs just get thrown onto some of the house plants to make them grow big and tall. 

I am really looking forward to trying some more exotic teas in my new device, as well as posher builders tea. Because lets face it, you can't go wrong with a good regular brew!

Have you one of these? And what funky tea do you recommend?

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I am SO happy today!

Today beautiful blog readers I am so happy! I woke up this morning grinning and haven't really stopped! Nothing overly special has happened but I have been trying to stop myself singing and smiling too much all day!!
So today I am going to try and impart some of my happiness on you all in the form of this. Who knew butternut squash looked so Guinea Pig like!!


I hope you have all had a fabulous day :) :)

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Why September is usually pretty cool...

  • It's still a little warm, but not too warm. Weather perfection.
  • The tree's still have their leaves, but they go all orangy and red. Tree perfection. 
  • Seeing squirrels running round with stuff in their mouths is just animal perfection. 
  • New starts. Remember rocking up at 1st day of school with squeeky new shoes and a shiny new pencil case, feeling heaps older and cooler than the year before. Kiddy perfection. 
  • 3/4 of the way to christmas! That's right, 3 months to go!
  • It's now perfectly acceptable to once again smooch round in a onesie in the evening with a hot chocolate. 
What's up in your September?

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