I am SO happy today!

Today beautiful blog readers I am so happy! I woke up this morning grinning and haven't really stopped! Nothing overly special has happened but I have been trying to stop myself singing and smiling too much all day!!
So today I am going to try and impart some of my happiness on you all in the form of this. Who knew butternut squash looked so Guinea Pig like!!


I hope you have all had a fabulous day :) :)

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  1. Ok you have now made ME really happy too! Honestly how can someone see an adorable animal like a guinea pig first thing in the morning and NOT smile? I love days like this - when you wake up, just beaming - and feel happy and light as a feather. I'm going to try to take this "oh my gosh I just saw a guinea pig" mentality with me throughout the day! Thanks for posting, have a wonderful day!
    ~ Samantha


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