Loose Leaf Tea Experience

 I have said before that I don't really taste the difference between tea bags. PG tips to me doesn't taste too different from posh English grown. One thing I have always been intrigued by though is loose leaf tea, so using my new found free time and earnings I popped down to get myself a tea strainer and some good old Yorkshire brew. 

Apart from the little bits that escaped through the mesh meaning I couldn't quite enjoy the last few sips of tea in the bottom of my mug, the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable! There is definitely more flavour than the regular tea bag and the dregs just get thrown onto some of the house plants to make them grow big and tall. 

I am really looking forward to trying some more exotic teas in my new device, as well as posher builders tea. Because lets face it, you can't go wrong with a good regular brew!

Have you one of these? And what funky tea do you recommend?

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  1. This sounds interesting - I really want to give it a try. Doing this with herbal teas might work really well - they must be really tasty when made this way!

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  2. I've never tried this but if it has more flavour i am down to trying that!
    Love Vicki x

    1. It definitely does, would 110% recommend! :) x

  3. Mmm once you turn to proper loose leaf tea it's hard to go back!
    Bluebird Tea Co have loads of really exciting flavours, and whittards do a great range as well (their chilli mango rooibos is one of my very favourites!)

  4. I've never tried loose leaf tea myself, I agree about the tea bags though :)


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