Style: September product favourites

Slightly different post today, dipping my toes in another pool and all that. I've developed some favourite, firm favourite products over the last week so thought I would share them with you all at the end of this beautiful September.

Clinique Chubby Stick - £17
This was a freebie at the time with a magazine (which I think every blogger took advantage of!) which I generally got for the magazine. This was a nice added bonus. I use my chubby stick daily, it doesn't add too much colour to my lips but does add enough to make a nice difference. 

Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus - £11
This is the first S&G make up I have used and I am a impressed. I have been wearing this a lot as a highlighter (as suggested) on my cheekbones and it really does add a glow. It come's out of the tube pearly, and applies smoothly and lightly. I really like it as a day to day boost and it also makes me look slightly more lively in night time party photos. Bingo. 

Mavala Mavadry - £9.40
This came as part of my You Beauty box this month and I am in love. I love to do my nails but get so impatient with the drying and usually end up smudging it or with hairlines in my mani the next day. You simply paint this over still wet polish and within half a minute it is dry solid and with a lovely shine. I have done my nails heaps more this month as a result!
Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray - £6.99
After visiting the hairdressers, I decided that to accomplish that 'just been to a professional' look everyday I needed a bit more help especially with the old blow dry. This spray really does cut down the time taken for me to blow dry my locks and keeps it in place for a lot longer than it normally would look ok. It also has the added benefit of heat protection which I should probably use more of anyway!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Solution - £18
I have awful skin. Big pores, uneven colour and acne that just decided to flare up in my times of need. Theoretically this summer my skin should have been one giant red, spotty mess; long crazy hours, little sleep, crazy stress, awful eating habits. I put the fact that I actually stayed mainly acne free down to this gem. It tingles as you take your make up off and actually leaves my skin feeling clean in a way I have never felt before. Sadly I ran out a week ago and my skin has turned bad again literally overnight. Coincidence I think not...

Have you used any of these to any degree's of success?


  1. I have used any of these products but have been wanting to try the Clinique chubby stick! Happy to hear you like it :)


  2. Wish I'd got the other colour too! x

  3. Hopefully they'll be free in a magazine again soon! ;) x

  4. I do like soap and glory, I love to buy their thigns when they are 3 for 2 at boots :)


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