Travel: 5 things about Iceland

1. Fab Loos
From the moment I went to the loo at the airport arrivals to the moment I went to the loo at the airport departures, I not once came across a bad toilet. Which is rare, I have relatively high standards! Hands free, nice hand creams, super clean, sleek decorated, awesome light effects, cubicles the size of my own bathroom. Love it. 

2. Stinky Water
I initially thought my brother wasn't feeling too well when I went into the bathroom after him. It stank. Like eggs. Luckily this wasn't the case, instead it is the hot shower water causing this unfortunate smell. Within seconds of turning on the shower (which does heat up very fast fyi) the room smells of eggy fart. You sort of get used to it, I just made sure I used extra florally shampoo, I was paranoid! It's all actually quite exciting really, the egg is the result of all that volcanic action not far below the feet of Icelanders. 
3. McDonalds
I haven't been to many places around the world, but I have never been somewhere where I haven't seen a McDonalds. How refreshing was Iceland!? Ok there were loads of subways, a KFC and Cola everywhere but not a single MccyDs. The big daddy of fast food pulled out of the country in 2009 due to the financial crisis. So there we go, McDonalds does not rule the world. 

4. Concrete / Tin
Most of the buildings in Reykjavik seem to made of either concrete or tin. And by concrete I mean just plain, grey, smooth concrete. I am not saying this is a bad thing at all, the Icelandic people have made what I consider to be a VERY ugly building material into works of art. 

5. No such thing as a tacky souvenir
As a sucker for cheap tacky souvenirs for myself and to bestow on my buddies I was extremely disappointed when what I was hoping was a couple of pounds turned out to be almost a tenner. No kidding. The only thing I bought were 3 thimbles for my collection, and that cam to almost £15! My dreams of an Icelandic wool jumper flew out of that concrete-rimmed window when I saw the price tag and my father almost died on several occasions when he saw the price his pint of beer was going to cost. Thank goodness they have amazing scenery to go on FREE walks. 

And one for luck...

6. It not actually too icy!
Strange that. It was actually relatively mild given that it is rubbing noses with the Arctic Circle. I reckon someone got confused with Greenland and Iceland at one point. Iceland was rather green, I get the impression Greenland is rather icy. 

Have you ever been to Iceland?
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  1. I LOVE Iceland, I've been lucky enough to go twice, and no I didn't bring many souvenirs back!

  2. I really want to go to Iceland! This is so interesting, I didn't realise they had no McDs! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  3. I went to Iceland in 2004 and it was wonderful - we got to see a glacier too! Though when we went we did actually find a McDonalds haha but that was before they pulled out of the country.


  4. Yep I have heard that Iceland is actually green and Greenland is icy... how weird is that? Lol! So glad to know there is one country without a McDonalds! Woo hoo! There are way too many McDonalds where I live haha


  5. I know, I literally thought they were in every country! x

  6. oooh twice! I really want to go back in the depths of winter next time :) x

  7. You should! It's great, especially for a short break (not so much money then!) x

  8. The glacier was one of the best bits for me :) x

  9. I really want to visit Iceland - mostly to see the Northern Lights properly to be honest! I went to Finland earlier this year and just managed to get a tiny glimpse of green in the sky, despite it being April!


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