Why September is usually pretty cool...

  • It's still a little warm, but not too warm. Weather perfection.
  • The tree's still have their leaves, but they go all orangy and red. Tree perfection. 
  • Seeing squirrels running round with stuff in their mouths is just animal perfection. 
  • New starts. Remember rocking up at 1st day of school with squeeky new shoes and a shiny new pencil case, feeling heaps older and cooler than the year before. Kiddy perfection. 
  • 3/4 of the way to christmas! That's right, 3 months to go!
  • It's now perfectly acceptable to once again smooch round in a onesie in the evening with a hot chocolate. 
What's up in your September?

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  1. I've been resisting Autumn but I can't lie, I do love a bit of September!
    Ours will be full of finding things to plant in the new garden (and maybe even planting some of them!)
    M x

  2. September is my birthday month, that's the only thing that really goes on. We have to wait until October for it to cool down and the leaves start changing.

  3. I love the trees when the leaves start to turn, the beginning of autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I'm definitely also excited for Christmas getting closer! My September is full of new starts because I'm moving to Norwich on tomorrow and I start my new course on Monday! x

  4. I really enjoy September, I'm quite in tune with starting again as the academic years rolls around.


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