Life: The week that was #3

It's been one of those busy / non-busy weeks, I don't seem to have done much but have no idea where the time went!

1// I've been obsessively reading Harry Potter and watching the films. Am on the last book now and it is so much better than I ever remember it being! I think maybe I was too early to really understand when I last read them! The added cuddles with Kevin always helps too.

2// I've been spending time in the attic and garage getting all my stuff down ready for my big mood next weekend. I forgot how much kitchen/ bathroom stuff I acquired! 

3// I sent off my signed contract! So it's 100% official :)

4// I couldn't stop myself buying this cheeky cactus plant in Tesco! I am not great with plants, but I can't accidentally kill a cactus wearing a mustache and sombrero right?! 

5// Having watched the bake off and scoured pinterest for hours, I felt I needed to jump on the macaroon bandwagon. The bake off makes it look so easy right? I figured if I could master this skill, I could be onto some very cheap christmas present ideas. Hah ha ha.. I followed the recipe to the T but mine don't look appealing at all! They all kind of cracked and looked like little splodges of sick which you have to actually lick off the backing paper because they are stuck fast. So... if there are any baking geniuses that might be able to suggest my error(s) please let me know!

How have your weeks been? 
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  1. Oooh good luck with the move :) I love Harry Potter- I recently started re-listening to the audio books voiced by Stephen Fry!

  2. Good luck with moving! I went to the studio your just the other day and am ready to re read and watch all things Harry potter

  3. I love Harry Potter but haven't read the books in a few years. I really want to go read them now, I've re-read them a few times before but they just never get boring!


  4. I reread the Harry Potter books (and watched the films) earlier this year. It's such a pleasure every single time I do it!

  5. I thought about reading HP again, but I got distracted reading (ok, technically listening) to the Hunger Games. I might get HP and listen to the audio!

    Also, no idea about the macarons. Would make a good xmas prezzie though


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