Travel: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of these places you have to go when you are in Iceland, this became very clear from the start of our trip planning. On asking one of my trusty (note male) pals on what his advise for Iceland was, of the Blue Lagoon he said "we were underwhelmed... but I'd still recommend going just for the experience." So there we are, underwhelmed but still recommended. 

I would love to tell you all the sights I saw from the coach on the 50 minute drive to the lagoon, but sadly I was the beauty snoring, mouth wide open and head lolling into the aisle (we had been up since the crack of dawn whale watching to be fair!). A quick nudge from the brother and I awoke to what essentially looked like giant cooked minced beef strewn over the landscape capped with mushy peas. Iceland for you.

The lagoon itself is partly man-made, partly natural. The water itself is an output from a nearby geothermal power plant although initially this water is drawn up from the centre of the world. This also means the pool is heated to a balmy 37°C It's high mineral content (from the underlying rocks) gives it a beautiful milky, bluish colour which is stunning in comparison to the surrounding lava. It definitely takes Fraser Island on in the beautiful water competition. 

Upon entering the lagoon (we chose the most basic package) you are given a high tech wristband to gain high tech access your locker. You have heard me mention Icelandic loo brilliance, it seems they have changing room brilliance too. After a quick shower we headed out into the crisp arctic air and straight into the depths of the lagoon. 

The water is so milky you can't even see your hand just under the surface. Despite the faint eggy smell that is just everywhere in Iceland it was like stepping into a giant hug. Oh so warm, oh so milky, oh so silky. We quickly found the pots of silica mud on the sides and ladled it onto our faces. It dries to be clay like, which you then wash off to reveal silky smooth skin. It worked a treat. And was incredibly fun.

Sadly the time came to pull ourselves from the warm water and go back and change. It is highly advised you condition your hair like crazy - lagoon water works wonders for the skin, but not the hair! Feeling severely dehydrated we had a quick cuppa tea in the cafe overlooking the water then hopped back onto our bus back to Reykjavik. 

I would thoroughly recommend going along to the lagoon, we were there for just over 3 hours which was plenty of time. For this amount of time the basic package was fine, we found plenty to amuse ourselves. If you are planning on making this a whole day trip, then maybe look into a more expensive package for some added treats. 


  1. This looks wonderful. I am incredibly jealous! I really need to visit Iceland :)

  2. I've never been in a lagoon or any milky type of water before. It does look relaxing, I'm glad you had a great time! :)


  3. it was, like a giant bath!! :)

  4. It looks incredible! I'd love to visit Iceland.

  5. It's fab isn't it? We hired a car when we were in Iceland so we could have as much time as we wanted everywhere, we did end up staying several hours I remember, we were pretty wrinkly when we got out! :-) xx

  6. Nice one, I shall be there in that very lagoon a week on monday. Can't wait!!


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