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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Life: What's up November?

Man it's November already, sure it was June yesterday! I love November because it is much nicer sounding that Ocotber, is sooo near to Christmas and fireworks. I love them :)
This month is going to be crazy for me! Today I moved 200 miles away from home and my parents to Cheshire and on the 3rd I start a brand new job! Scary times! I have lot's I want to do this month, here's a few...

- Geocache : I think this is a great way to explore my new town, there is a whole trail of them along the canal path behind my new house! 

- Join the gym : 4 years of putting this off is coming to an end. There is a really nice looking gym right outside my office. This is as easy as it's ever going to get!

- Learn a new recipe : Preferably potatoey or butternut squashy. Any suggestions, please let me know!

- Start learning to drive again : This is it. There are no hills in Cheshire, hills were my demon in Devon.  

- Start my Christmas shopping : Be prepared. That is all!

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  1. Oh awesome - I always think of trying geocaching but haven't yet! Let us know how it goes xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I really need to finish learning to drive too! I have a great laska recipe on my blog that has butternut squash in it, it's nice and spicy so great for winter- :) Let me know if you try it! I hope the job is going well and you're adjusting to life up north x x

  3. I can't believe its already the time of year to start Christmas shopping already! Craziness! This year I'm going to take advantage of sales as soon as I can - not doing the whole "wait til the last minute" thing as I have in the past!
    ~ Samantha

  4. Good luck with your goals and good luck at the new job!! Can't wait to hear about it :)


  5. Glad the move went well! Good luck with your goals this month x

  6. Thank you! THink I'm going to need luck on the goals front hehe :)

  7. I know! CHristmas is truly here, I have seen countless christmas trees in shops already too! Sales are definitely the way forward :)

  8. Spicy and butternut are winners! I am not a fish fa, but I see someone commented about a Chicken Lasaka so I might give your recipe a go with Chicken :) x

  9. It's great fun, you should give it a go :) I tried today but some bloke was fishing and kept looking at me strangley as I scrambled up and down banks. Next weekend.... ;) x

  10. We tried a really great butternut squash and pepper pasta bake. It was so easy, we just roasted the veggies, made some cheese sauce and pasta, popped in all in a dish and threw it in the oven.

  11. Good luck with your new job and enjoy life in Cheshire! I spent a lot of time there as a child, my grandparents lived on the outskirts of Chester (only a couple of miles from the zoo) and we spent a lot of holidays there visiting all sorts of places. :-) xx


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