Life's Cup of Tea

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Life Lately

Less than 3 weeks to the big day! I 100% promised myself that with 3 weeks to go I would be sorted present wise. PAH! Emergency shopping next weekend I think!

This week has (suprise suprise!) been a lot about Christmas beginning with my towns light switch on and culminating in works Christmas party, which I remember 80% of!
The Christmas light switch on was amazing! It may not be big, busy and have very few shops but they shut off the whole high street and filled it with little stalls, food, mulled wine and a tiny fun fair. And reindeer... There were reindeer! Oh and a stilt walking Elvis in angel wings just for good measure. 

We were going to wait until this weekend to decorate, but we caved and left work early on the 1st, got in some mince pies, put on a Santa hat, turned up the Xmas songs and went crazy with the tinsel. Our house is like a grotto now and we LOVE it! This is why living in a female house rocks, not sure a male could cope with all the glitter. Our calender is also filled up with Christmas meals galore :)
 Friday was the day of our work party, a 1920's theme. They did such an amazing job decorating the room and a free bar meant that I woke up on Saturday morning in my onesie, full face of makeup and headband still on with a cut on my nose a bruise above my eye, and half the office sleeping on our living room floor.  As a house we are still collectively trying to piece together our movements from that night, though maybe some things are better left unknown?!

Oh and FYI #bbloggers, if you are looking for a lipstick with the staying power of a king, I suggest investing in Rimmell's Kate. I still somehow had a perfect pout on Saturday morning!

How have your weeks gone and what's your festive position? I am going to spend this next week shopping, wrapping and baking some mince pies!