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Monday, 5 January 2015

Happiness Jar

I haven't really made new years resolutions. Apart from being able to run around my local Mere without dying. And travelling a lot. And being happy. Ok, so I made 3.

As part of number 3, I have created a happiness jar for 2015. I am sure lot's of little things happen in my life which make me incredibly happy, but I then forget. Not any more, using my nifty jar, I can delve into it during periods of glumness and despair and realise how truly wonderful life is.

Here's how I went about it in case you wish to recreate. 

You will need:
A jar (clean and free of your festive pickled treats), 
A Glue Gun,
A Sharpie, 
Some Buttons, 
Some pretty paper
A tiny peg (I nicked mine form my mums Christmas card hangers, shh)

1) Sharpie '2015' onto your jar. You can either freehand at this point, or print the numbers onto paper and tape it to the inside of the jar and trace over. Nail varnish remover and a cotton bud create a nice little rubber if you go wrong. 

2) Using your glue gun, carefully glue buttons all over the jar. 

3) If like me you love glitter, glue glitter to the lid. Now glue the tiny peg to the jar lid .

4)Cut out rectangles from your coloured paper. I made mine 2cmx5cm so they sit nicely on the top of my lid. 

5) Use the tiny peg to hold your tiny squares of paper and you are good to go! You could even invest in a tiny pen to place inside your jar. 

6) Everytime something great happens, you smile or you laugh, write it down and jar it. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014: The Year That Was.

Can you believe it's 15 years since the millennium! Nope, nor can I! In good blogging tradition I have decided to have a little reflect over the last year - and what a fantastic one it has been!  It's going to take a LOT of work to make 2015 half as good as 2014 was but we'll certainly try!

2014 was the year that...

... I started working at 10am in a shop. Graduated, living at home but with a dream to see the world

... I had my first heartbreak (sure there is a song of this title!). Almost 4 years of happy times came to an end, and I was pretty broken! But now I see that it was for the absolute best, I've been able to do so much by being a single pringle that I would never have been able to do otherwise. 

... I backpacked round Thailand and Australia. Nuff said. 

... I fulfilled my ultimate childhood dream of visiting Australia. I then bettered this by completing my life goal of visiting Ramsay Street (home of Neighbours, yes, I am an addict)

... I had the most hectic summer, working crazy hours and spending quite a bit wanting to cry with pressure. But I worked with the most amazing people and made friends all over the world. Hard work, but good work. 

... I saw one of my favourite singers, Kate Miller-Heidke, in concert. And it was worth the many years I've been waiting!

... I checked Iceland off the travel wish list. 

... I got a job, in exactly the field I have been interested in for an age!

... Within 10 days I'd packed up my stuff and left the sunny climes of Devon for a new life in the North. 

... And since then I have slowly been developing into a real adult being. I now wash, clean, cook and do the odd bit of gardening. I know understand the value of a glass of wine on a Friday evening. I am officially old ;)
So there we go, Happy New Year. Bring on 2015!!!
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