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Monday, 5 January 2015

Happiness Jar

I haven't really made new years resolutions. Apart from being able to run around my local Mere without dying. And travelling a lot. And being happy. Ok, so I made 3.

As part of number 3, I have created a happiness jar for 2015. I am sure lot's of little things happen in my life which make me incredibly happy, but I then forget. Not any more, using my nifty jar, I can delve into it during periods of glumness and despair and realise how truly wonderful life is.

Here's how I went about it in case you wish to recreate. 

You will need:
A jar (clean and free of your festive pickled treats), 
A Glue Gun,
A Sharpie, 
Some Buttons, 
Some pretty paper
A tiny peg (I nicked mine form my mums Christmas card hangers, shh)

1) Sharpie '2015' onto your jar. You can either freehand at this point, or print the numbers onto paper and tape it to the inside of the jar and trace over. Nail varnish remover and a cotton bud create a nice little rubber if you go wrong. 

2) Using your glue gun, carefully glue buttons all over the jar. 

3) If like me you love glitter, glue glitter to the lid. Now glue the tiny peg to the jar lid .

4)Cut out rectangles from your coloured paper. I made mine 2cmx5cm so they sit nicely on the top of my lid. 

5) Use the tiny peg to hold your tiny squares of paper and you are good to go! You could even invest in a tiny pen to place inside your jar. 

6) Everytime something great happens, you smile or you laugh, write it down and jar it. 


  1. I'm planning on doing one of these too, I must wash my jar out! Yours is lovely x

  2. I've got mine going already!!! Check it out (
    I think this is such a spectacular idea. How many little moments do we forget over the course of a year for lack of camera? This makes it so much easier - New Year's Eve will be so fun!

  3. Just stopping by to tell you I have nominated you for a Leibster Award

    Check it out here :

    Jenn xo

  4. I've heard a few people talk about the happiness jar, I think it's a really nice idea. Although, I'd be more excited to read it at the end, than to remember to put the little notes inside haha


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