Friday Thirteenth

In case you haven't consulted your calenders today you may like to know that today is Friday the 13th. Many consider this unlucky. I wouldn't consider myself particularly superstitious but even so, I awoke this morning with a small feeling of doom. Partly because of the deadline I had by lunch and partly because I was down to my last teabag. As I sat at my desk furiously typing before doomed deadline I vowed Friday 13th would not defeat me and it would actually be a great day...

I deadlined with hours to spare. 
The tuck shop got updated just in time for my mid afternoon Friday Tuck Treat. Yes Bounty bar!
The gym was as good as empty. Pick of the machines!
I accidentally walked down the chilled pudding aisle at Tesco and a pudding accidentally slipped into my basket (perfecto for my Valentines dinner for one tomorrow!) 
I had a Valentines surprise from Mummy Bear waiting on the mat when I got home.
I had soup for tea. With a hunk of tiger bread and cheese. Nom. 
It just so happened that my favourite bunny jumper and bottoms had nicely dried and warmed up on the radiator when I got home. 
I blogged! For the first time in over a month.
I signed up for my first blogger meet in Manchester. So excited!
Last but not least, it's FRIDAY!

Best of all we get to do Friday 13th all over again next month. How have your 'unlucky' days been?


  1. That doesn't sound like too shabby a Friday 13th at all!! Uber productive.
    Mine was standard, not spectacular but not horrendous, hurrah. And I did get to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while so that was grand. Roll on the next one, I'll be channeling some of you!
    M x

  2. sounds like a good Friday to me. Have fun at your first event!



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