Life's Cup of Tea

Sunday, 8 March 2015

What's in my Bag?

I love a good what's in so without further ado I poured my work bag out and neatly arranged all the rubbish into a photograph-able layout. But before we get to that I feel I should tell you about my bag of choice.

It's a Primark classic, missing a buckle because it fell off. But that just adds a little lovable charm to it! I have attached what I think is the cutest little thing ever, bought in an airport to use the last of my currency. #5yearoldatheart
Receipt - My bag = receipt graveyard
Tiny Hairbrush - To tame that bed head in the morning. 
Alpen Bar Wrapper - Because I got the munchies on the way home.
Keys - Kind of essential!
Tiny Notebook - This one's from M&S and is incredibly cute. I use it for a bit of everything, mainly my to-do lists and shopping!
Irish £5 note - From my trip to Ireland. It's been there for months, I'm too scared to try and use it here!
Hairgrips - To tame those flyaways.  
Purse - My now rather tatty Radley purse is one of my prize possessions. It's withstood a lot!
Diary - Because where would we be with no diary?
Paracetamol - I get really bad headaches sometimes that quickly snowball into me needing to crawl into a dark space. Hence the paracetamol to boff them on the head when they are fledglings
Ipod- I would go stir crazy at work if I didn't have my Ipod with me. And it's so tiny. You might notice that I love tiny things!
Highlighter and Pen - Highlighter is accidentally in there after I tidied my desk. 
Change - When I go to a shop I always put my purse away before they give me the change then chuck the change into the bottom of my bag. It's an awful habit but it's great if I forget my purse / have no money in it!
Body Spray - Essential if I utilize the gym after work
Concealer, lip balm and powder - I never really use these when out and about but I feel obliged to carry round just in case. 
Tiny Lint Roller - I live in the worlds fluffiest house so this has become a little life saver in making my blue coat stay blue and keep my legs from looking like fluffballs when I wear tights.

What is an essential in your day-to-day bag?