A Weekend in Bremen

The beauty of living so close to an airport and having the ability to take holiday at such short notice makes it incredibly easy to escape the UK for a weekend. That's just what I did, making the most of Ryanair's amazingly cheap flights, and took an extended solo weekend break to Bremen, North Germany.
The best way to reach the centre of Bremen from the Airport is by the Trams which run throughout the city. I stayed in Townside Hostel in the trendy Das Viertel area of Bremen, full of restaurants, bars and cute little shops. Best of all, it is only a 10/15 minute walk to the centre of Bremen, even shorter on the tram.
My first stop was the Schnoor, a maze of tiny medieval streets full of quaint little shops and cafes. While the rain on day one slightly dampened my spirits, a wander through on day 2 in the sun really bought out the best of this area.  

While you are there I strongly advice grabbing a drink and some apple cake, watching the world go by. Also pick up some Kluten from one of the gift shops, think mint creams dipped in chocolate. Yum.  

I then took a stroll down Böttcherstrasse, this short street has a variety of shops and art places down it as well as a tank with a real live Lion Fish in it. I am not a massive fan of fish at all, but even I was slightly amazed to see this exotic specimen down an alleyway in an overcast German city!

The best way to find exciting things in new places is just to wander. That's exactly how I discovered Bürgerpark, a short walk from the centre. This massive park contains everything from fountains, to lakes to forest and most excitingly, animal enclosures. The goats and sheep have a thatched cottage to call home, and just look at the tiny buildings for Guinea Pigs! I spent a good half hour looking at the animals (absolutely did not spend half of that at the llamas....)

To finish off a fab weekend, I sat in the sunshine munching on a Pretzel admiring the market square and the statue of The Breman Town Musicians as at the top of the page. 

All together, this trip cost me less than £150, one weekend and one day off in lieu. Not too bad, bring on more European weekend trips!

Have you been on any great weekend trips recently?

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