Places: UK - A Day in Blackpool

Having grown up in a seaside resort in Devon, I am really quite partial to chips on the beach, arcades and hoards of seagulls. I was therefore not really in the position to say no when it was suggested as a day trip destination. Actually, I lie, I practically begged to go there. As the man in my life is a Lancashire Lad it made total sense for him to give me the grand tour. Ninety minutes after leaving home, we had the famous tower in out sites. This is Blackpool. 
I was pretty excited about my trip, as I hadn't seen the sea for a fair while. Having parked up at Bispham we hopped on one of the trams to North Pier and headed straight for the tower. A reasonable £13.50 later and we were whizzing up the lift to the top. 

Test your nerves and walk on the see through floor 148m up. I wasn't too keen initially, but in the end I didn't want to get off it! There is something incredibly unnatural about being able to see far far beneath your feet but a great unnatural feeling!
 As well as looking down under our feet, we were able to climb some more stairs almost to the summit of the tower from where the view was stunning, reaching as far as Wales one way and Morecambe bay the other. We were lucky, there was not a cloud in the sky. The view of this legendary stretch of coast from this height was spectacular, also great for a bit of people spotting.
 After our Tower thrill we headed to the arcades and piers where I am not even ashamed to admit, spent a lot of time and 2p's before heading for a sit down meal of fish and chips (or sausage and chips in my fish-phobic case!) and brew. Once the sun set the Blackpool Illuminations came to life so we walked along the seafront admiring all the twinkling lights all while helping burn off some of the days seaside calories!
I had a magical day in Blackpool, and will definitely be returning to do all the things we just didn't have time to do (cough ballroom cough). That's definitely another place ticked off my UK Wanderlust list!

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