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Sunday, 20 September 2015

That end of Summer feeling

Summer is in it's dying days, christmas gifts are already lining the shelves of shops and my car is beginning to get that really annoying condensation in the mornings. That's right, Autumn is on it's way! Here's what I love about this time of the year...

1// Fashion. Autumn fashion is the best, the perfect balance between the practical-yet-ugly depths of winter style and the how-little-can-I-decently-wear hight of summer.  The darker colours, boots, scarves and thick tights. Goodbye shaving everyday, hellloooo an extra 5 minutes a day!

2// Autumn TV. After a Summer drought of television, my evenings and weekends have suddenly become full once again. Between MIC, GBBO, Dr Who, Strictly and X Factor I will hardly be leaving my sofa which is just as well...

3// Snuggles. Getting home into your onesie, cradling a hot chocolate while snuggled up in bed because it is 'just that cold' is the best way to spend the evening. Fairy lights, check. Candles, check. Hot water bottle, check.

4//Dark evenings. Sure it's nice to leave work in broad daylight and STILL have hours to while away in the sunshine. But there is something about dark evenings that are just so much more... snug.

5// Autumn Food. After a summer of lighter foods, I love when my appetite for warmer stodgier foods comes back. Butternut Squash, thick soups and apple-berry crumbles are all back on the menu!

6// Pretty Scenes. The British countryside looks pretty good most times of the year especially at this time of year with the orange leaves, morning mist and the chance of seeing Mr Squirrel with his acorn.

7// Autumn Entertainment. Let's face it, anything that is anything is in Autumn or Winter (apart from Easter or a certain someone's birthday of course!)

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  1. Autumn TV is the ABSOLUTE BEST! Bring on Homeland!
    And happy Northern Autumning - I think the Torbaydian microclimate takes some of the joy out of the snuggling inside!
    M x


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