2015: The year that was

And there goes another one. Goodbye year, where on earth did you go?
2015 was the year that:

... I blogged very little. I don't have a desktop at home and I really seem to struggle blogging on a laptop / ipad. When I visit my parents, I am straight on the old computer blogging away.I need to start setting up properly and buying myself a little keyboard and mouse to plug into my laptop. Maybe that will help! I also struggle coming home from a long day at work though I don't really know what I do when I do get home.

... I FINALLY passed my driving test and bought myself an adorable little car called Harold. I literally cannot remember how I even coped without my set of wheels!

... I went mad on holidays. It started off in Dublin, then to Bremen, on to Santa Susanna. Mexico, Belize and Guatemala were backpacked through before a weekend in Prague. I have been a very lucky girl.

... I got lucky. Turns out a very nice bloke had been working 2 floors directly above me all along. The rest they say is history :) (also he's taking me to Oslo in January which is an added bonus!)

... I still couldn't decide what to do with life. All that panic in your GCSE years that there is nothing you want to do and here I am 8 years later still none the wiser.

So 2016, if you could: provide me with a life path that would be perfect; a better method of blogging would be ideal; and hopefully you will be filled with joy, hours on planes and lots of new adventures.

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