Life's Cup of Tea

Friday, 30 December 2016

2016: The Year that was

Another one in the can. And in good old continuity, it would be rude not to do a round up of the year as in 2014 and 15. It's been a rocky old year, very rocky. Almost cliffy. There's been glimmers of sun and lot's of rain. Cold, hard rain. But here's to hoping 2017 looks as good as 2014 did!

2016 was the year that....

... I got my heart well and truly smashed up. All horrible in a take your breath away, stabbing, snotty slobbery mess kind of way. A giant tub of Ben and Jerrys didn't help this one. Blue Peter was the only show that didn't make me want to cry, And Adele had just released her new single. How very considerate. Needless to say, this gal eventually decided change had to happen. And so 2016 took a wild turn...

... I joined Tinder. Oh God. No more need to elaborate on this one!

... ALL my best friends got engaged. All to lovely lovely people which makes me all tingly and happy inside.

... I quit my job. My high paying, living the life job. There were a lot of reasons, I needed change. I wanted a challenge. And that's what I got.

... I dusted off my trusty pack and went off on a last holiday hurrah with the famalam to NYC before taking off alone around South of France and Italy. Even won myself 7 Euro by furiously hitting the same button in the Monte Carlo casino. #win

... I moved to the Isle of Wight. No biggie. Cheshire to the IOW. It wasn't really my choice, but I'm enjoying it so far!

... I started my teacher training on the job, By day, I teach a class of 34 ickle pickles, by night & weekend I study / mark / plan / write essays.

... I decided that having smashed my heart up which made me make a drastic career change and essentially move abroad, I was still very much in love with The Boy. So a couple of vodka lemonades were had and second chances were given. Apparently lot's of my nearest and dearest don't really believe in the old second chance thing. Do I? It's going really good so far, we'll see what 2017 holds!

So there's 2016 for you.  A year of mountains and ravines, of swings and roundabouts, and ending very differently to the beginning of this year. Question is: What on earth is 2017 going to hold?

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Christmas // 25 christmas' down and I am still absolutely loving them. Though this year we were allowed a bit of a lie in and only just finished opening presents before The Queen graced our screens, it's all magical. Oh, did I mention that I had the biggest present under the tree? It was as big as me. No word of a lie *

Morning lie ins /
/ I am the Queen of lie ins. The ability to lie in bed for ages with a tea and smooth radio** is a luxurious luxury. Sure it means half the day is gone. But it's Christmas. It's lazy time, right?

Kitty cuddles // Nothing actually beats a kitty cuddle, being at the parent's house this week means that there is more than enough time for this.

Feeling 🐷// When else in the year can you sit on the sofa cradling a wine having eaten a 4 course dinner (cheese of course) and still feel totally un-guilty at polishing off those last few roses in the tin. It's December, no calories right?

*It was a heated clothes airer. Can't be young forever I suppose!
**This post is not doing my want to be forever youthful any good.