Wonderful Wednesday #2

Christmas // 25 christmas' down and I am still absolutely loving them. Though this year we were allowed a bit of a lie in and only just finished opening presents before The Queen graced our screens, it's all magical. Oh, did I mention that I had the biggest present under the tree? It was as big as me. No word of a lie *

Morning lie ins /
/ I am the Queen of lie ins. The ability to lie in bed for ages with a tea and smooth radio** is a luxurious luxury. Sure it means half the day is gone. But it's Christmas. It's lazy time, right?

Kitty cuddles // Nothing actually beats a kitty cuddle, being at the parent's house this week means that there is more than enough time for this.

Feeling 🐷// When else in the year can you sit on the sofa cradling a wine having eaten a 4 course dinner (cheese of course) and still feel totally un-guilty at polishing off those last few roses in the tin. It's December, no calories right?

*It was a heated clothes airer. Can't be young forever I suppose!
**This post is not doing my want to be forever youthful any good.

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