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Life has been a little akin to a roller coaster lately. There have been high days, low days, normal days, upside down days and days of constant loop-de-loops. Being back in the classroom after a two week break (which mainly consisted of assignment writing) is definitely a shock to the system! Over Easter I was able at certain points to really switch off, grab a book and just chill out - something I have't been able to do for months!

Currently I am...

Reading: Sainsburys has become my new favourite place to go book shopping. They have some of the best sellers for pretty decent prices! The book of the moment for me is This Love by Dani Atkins. I love a good romance novel and this one has got enough twists to make it much more than just another romcom. I have already shed a tear or 2 and imagine some more may be wept before I get to the last page!

Watching: In between The Island and my guilty pleasure of Made in Chelsea, there really isn't a lot of time to watch anything else.

Listening to: With my childhood idols, Steps, releasing their latest album, I've been right back in the 90s. My class have really developed a love for the pianist Yiruma this month, so I have been spending most of my working day with the tinkle of Piano keys in the background. I've also been listening to some podcasts on BBC radio 4 while I've been driving. I really enjoyed the Deadpan omnibus, a murder mystery set in a posh restaurant and the perfect way to while away time on the motorway.

Eating: After a failed attempt at making some fudge at the weekend, I have been happily scooping the sticky mess out of the bowl to snack on. Sugar, sugar, sugar.

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