Book Review: Recipe for Life

Hand up, I have never read an autobiography before in my life. It usually takes a lot for me to get into a book. Either it has to be so easy going (tacky chicklit) that I barely have to focus on it or it has to be thrilling. Page turning. Gripping. I suppose I never would class an autobiography as any of those, nor is there anyone I am interested enough in to spend that amount of time reading about them.

Then, I was gifted Mary Berry's autobiography, A recipe for life, for Christmas by my Aunt.

I have liked Mary for a while, owning a few recipe books of hers and being an avid fan of The Bake Off so was actually quite up for it! Mary, being quite a lot more ... mature ... than I ever thought (that woman looks positivly youthful!) means that she has lived through an awful lot which were all fascinating to read about from her hand, in her book: life in world war 2; catching polio at a young age and the months she spent recovering; and sadly, the loss of her middle child. But most interesting for me was reading how Mary go to where she is today. Just how do you become a cake judge on one of the most loved television programmes in the UK? With a lot of hard work and dedication it turns out.

The book is beautifully written, intertwining the story of Mary's life with her thoughts, opinions and beliefs on social, old and modern issues. As she takes us through her life from cradle to bake off tent, she shares her personal photos in colour and black and white which are a delightful addition. At the end of the chapter, as one would expect from a kitchen queen, are some of Mary's own recipes which I will definitely be trying out!

I have really enjoyed this book and this genre. Thank you Mary! Question is: who next? Have you read any good autobiographies that I should try?


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