Life: A long summer ahead

Finally, it's the Summer Holidays! After a long year of teacher training and teaching full time I am pooped. Totally pooped. I'm not going to lie to you for one second, but the thought of 4 weeks of nothingness after a year of manicness has filled me with a little bit of panic. I am very much someone who can lie around and nap all day (which I fully intend to do in the first week just to recover!) if I let myself and always feel super icky afterwards. I am also very much someone who loves a good list. So I've put two and two together and figured that a summer list would be  a fairly good idea:

  • Take an online photography course 
I have 2 fairly snazzy cameras from when I was earning the big bucks but have absolutely no idea how to use them properly and always use the automatic setting - which I am aware is a total cop out. I would love to be able to go out an about and take some fantastic shot. 
  • Couch to 5k
Fitness. Urgh. I am the unfittest person ever. Exercise is such a big element to well-being (of which mine has taken a massive hit this year) but I have never ever got into it. And I need to. I am so lucky to live on the coast and have just moved within a 10 minute walk of the seafront so I really want to be able to make the most of that this year.

  • Get on top of my Ladmin
Ladmin = Life ADMIN. The pains of being an adult and the jobs that just don't get done when I am working all hours. The tax, the insurance, the eye tests. Blah Blah Blah. But it's all stress that I hope to rid of by September .

  • Get back on the blogging train
I have missed blogging. I have missed the little bubble you can create and I miss the community. The truth is, I have been too exhausted to even think about it this year. It can be quite isolating being an adult in a new location and I really hope that by falling back in love with my blog, it will open up some channels again.

  • Read. Read. Read.
I haven't read a whole book in what feels like forever because, you guessed it, no time. I am so excited about just sitting for an afternoon with a good brew and just reading. Also, I have a terrible habit of just buying books without getting round to reading them so my pile is quite high!


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