Life's Cup of Tea

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Instagram Round up #1

Despite the slightly odd sequence pictures now appear in on my feed (there is something very sad about someone's Sunday brunch on a Monday morning!), I love Instagram. I love it. I love the little memories you can capture and the peaks into other people's lives - nosy me right there!
1// I had a weekend away on the mainland with my Island BFF. We had the most delicious brunch on a golf course of all places! I love love love this teapot. And how insta is that table!?

2// This week has been a bit of a tough one so I exercised my ability to leave work as soon as the bell rings and took myself to the sea for a spot of reading and sunset watching.

3// Throwback. Thailand. Take me back.
4// I love living so close to the beach. I try and make it my weekend mission to go for a quick wander and get some fresh sea air!

5// Bacon, pancakes and syrup. Need I say any more?

6// A family trip to St Ives was just what I needed to fill that Christmas - NYE time vortex. It's true what they say about the light in St Ives, beautiful!

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