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Britt-Marie was here - Fredrik Backman

I fell a little bit in love with this author having read 'A Man Called Ove' with my book club a couple of years ago. Britt-Marie was here is not a particularly fast paced, drama filled novel, rather a beautiful journey through the slightly stuck in her ways Britt-Marie 'mid life crisis'. Backman has a really charming style of writing which apparently creates some quite strong feels towards certain characters and places as I found when several tears rolled down my face in the final chapters.
I don't usually keep books once I've read them, as my local charity shop knows, but this one is going back on the shelf again to dig out once more in a few years time.

Would I recommended? Absolutely.

The Teacher - Katerina Diamond

Oh my days. The funny thing is that my cousin bought me this book when I first started my teacher training "because of the title. LOL" (actual quote from the little note inside.) I'd left it till now because, honestly, I didn't really want to read about my new, stressful, profession in my downtime. I needn't have worried. The teacher begins with a headmaster who is mysteriously forced to hang himself after years seemingly hiding from a horrific crime. This book is dark, it is grim and it is quite hard to stomach Nevertheless, it is a gripping crime/murder mystery story which is full of teists and turns.

Would I recommended? Only if you like gruesome things and a bit of a mystery.

My not so perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella

Sometimes we all just need a little chicklit. Katie is a youngish (well... my ageish) woman, trying to make it in London doing something she loves. as the majority of us know, and I don't even live there, that is not the easiest thing to do. A series of events lead Katie to moving back with her slightly city-naive father and step-mother on their farm. A strange turn of events lead her to become even more intertwrined in her London life. Obviously there is a romance that you predict from chapter one but still feel all warm and fixxy inside when it actually happens!

Would I recommended? Yes, a great romancey novel with a real 'get up and go!' moral.

So with that pile read, I need some new recomendations. Anybody?
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