Travel: Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

When in Thailand, Khao Sok National Park was one of the first 'must do' things we put on our lists for our travels, we stopped by for two nights en-route from Krabi to Koh Tao. We both wished we'd stayed longer...
We stayed at Our Jungle House, a nature resort in the middle of the Thai Jungle. As we drove down from the bus stop, we passed lots of other similar places, all these 'in the middle of the junlge' huts were being covered by a couple of banana trees with views of a road. We began worrying our mid-jungle experience was all going to be a big fat lie. Thankfully we kept driving, the coverage getting thicker, the road becoming a track until we arrived at our new home and it was perfect.  
We had chosen to stay in a Jungle Bungalow which was nestled among soaring trees,  opposite the bumbling steam that winds through the site above which monkeys swung across the cliff face. Our little hut came complete with mozzie net, essential as there were huge (deliberate) gaps between the walls and roof. Our welcome book told us that if we were 'unlucky' enough not to receive a visit from a certain lizard or frog in the night that we were more than welcome to ask at reception to see theirs. Needless to say, we were grateful curled up under our mozzie nets that neither the mozzies or potential snakes/lizards/frogs/ spiders could get to us.

We were also warned to remove all food from our rooms and to keep the bathroom door shut and locked at all times. For it was the bathroom that provided an easy means for the monkeys to swing into our rooms and ransack it. Taking a shower with the constant fear that a monkey may swoop in any minute was certainly a strange feeling!

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