Life: My Carboot Sale Tips

Car boots sales are the ideal way to rid of some of junk and make a bit of cash in the process. I thought I'd share a few things I've learnt over the past few months....

Pick your sale
Have a browse on sites like Car Boot Junction to see what's round you. Also check facebook, local newspapers / news websites to see whats on. I prefer ones where sellers can get there a little before punters so that I can properly set up! I also prefer an afternoon one, 5am starts don't really do much for me.

Decide how you are going to price stuff. 
I personally don't label everything. I did the first time and labels fell and 'fell' off items and it was just massively confusing. For things like DVDs, CDs and paperbacks, I chuck them in separate boxes and give a price for things in each box.

What to take
Things which you need to take as well as your goods: A fold-able table; Some kind of rug (e.g. picnic blanket) to spread on the ground next to your table for more space; A bumbag or cross bag for your monies - You DO NOT want to leave money in a pot on your table; Lots of change;  Something to hang your clothes on; pens, labels, string and sticky tape; A chair to sit on; Snacks and drinks.

Pack your car carefully
Depending on the sale you've chosen, you may have people jumping in your boot before you even get the first box out. Make sure your table and rug are really easy to get out first, I always pack mine in the passenger seat. Then you can grab a box, lock boot, unpack box, repeat. The last thing you want is to be rummaging round under tonnes of crap for that table!

Small impressions
I know that if I was buying stuff, I wouldn't want to see it in a muddy heap on the floor. I always make sure my clothes are clean and not too crumpled, make sure that I have taken care setting my things out, not all on top of each other. I once saw a girl spritz her clothing with some air freshener which I think is a fab idea and have since stolen for myself!

Be prepared to haggle. 
I have found that most punters will want to haggle my prices down. Some are down-right rude I think with how low they go! At the end of the day, I want to sell my stuff rather than not sell it but I also don't want to give it away! I tend to give a price slightly higher than what I think so that they can haggle me down or if they are umming and ahhing, I can give them a lower price.
At the end of the day though, stick to your guns. I had a lady offer me 50p for a brand new, labelled BooHoo jumper that I had priced at £2 (still a bloody good bargain I reckon!). I refused her offer and she ended up paying the £2 anyway!

Be prepared for the worst. 
I've had a whole host of results. There have been times I have only just made back my pitch fee but then times I've walked away with £50+ profit.

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