Hola! Hello! Wilkommen! Salut!
I am Rosie, somewhere in my 20's and blogging my way through life.

I'm a Devonshire Lass, currently living abroad.... on  making the most of the lack of motorway, plentiful sea-air and red squirrel population.

I currently have very little 'life'. I'm currently in my first year teaching little pickles, which is awesome but terribly time consuming. Viva la holidays!

I suffer terribly from wanderlust. My goal is to travel to 30 countries before my 30th birthday. I also suffer from an awful addiction to tea and cake. Or maybe I should say brew and cake. I am also rather partial to cats, crafting and musicy stuff. And shopping. And geocaching. And yoga. And the list goes on

The name of my phobia in life is ichthyophobia which is a rather lovely sounding word meaning fish phobia. Dead or alive they make me feel sick and faint and all shivery and nasty. I even have little booties to wear when I go paddling / swimming / surfing to avoid them.